About Panel Radiators

Steel panel radiators (3rd generation of radiators) are type of radiators used to supply heat for places and buildings. These flat structured radiators are made of steel sheets and this is why they are called panel radiators. Panel radiators are originated from Europe, to be exact Italy and have been widely manufactured in Germany and Belgium since.

They were imported to our country from Turkey-Iran border following its production in Turkey. Although the conductivity of aluminum is more than steel, steel radiators are more energy efficient compared to aluminum radiators since they are taking advantage of a convector system.

Slim, beautiful and unique design of flat panel radiators makes them compatible to almost every environment and suitable for luxury residences. Lesser energy consumption, optimal function of heating, ultra-low water volume, high thermal capacity, adaptability with all types of heating packages and no need for annual air evacuation are among advantages of panel radiators.


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