Why Luxpan?

1. Energy saving through High thermal efficiency
2. length variation from 40 up to 300 cm
3. needless of constant air evacuating
4. vast and uniform heat radiation
5. efficient function
6. reduction of depreciation
7. raising in life span of package
8. Epoxy polyester stainless color coverage
9. excellent packaging resistant against transportation’s harm
10. 10 years exchange warranty with no condition
11. preventing the walls and blinds from being sooty
12. equipped to 2 connectors  for improving the thermal efficiency
13. more convection heating than blade radiators
14. using flat surface in order to reach ease of cleaning
15. pressure test during production ( 8 times)
16. being able to use both sides of radiator
17. using full automatic electro static coloring system
18. acceptance of special colors orders according to customers’ needs
19. using the euro most advanced technology
20. easy installation using Italian method in iran for the first time
21. accordance of water features in orbit by the standard of UNI 8065
22. the most compatible radiator with all kind of packages
23. usage pressure equivalent to 6 times
24. having the C grade energy badge

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